Frequently Asked Questions


1. What kind of Courses are made available Online?
We currently offer Quizzes for Competitive Exams in India such as SSC, Banking, Railways and Insurance Exams. All our online quizzes will assist you in practicing and preparing for the online exams.
2. Are minimum qualifications required to practice these quizzes?
No minimum qualifications are required. The quizzes are suitable for students at all levels.
3. How can I access the Quizzes?
The quizzes can be accessed through You will need to register online and then Enroll to get specific access to each course. Some courses are available only through paid memberships. But there are many which are available free. You can take these free quizzes. If you need advanced preparation you may enroll for the paid memberships.
4. What is the duration of paid memberships?
The memberships are available in two levels. You can subscribe for membership for a particular course or a course collection. Within a course or course collection you can get either three months access, six months access or one year access. You may notice that the one year access is the most economical membership plan.
5. If I decide to change the membership plan from three months to six months will that be?
Yes. You may write to us and we can extend your course only for the differential if you choose to extend your membership one month before the expiry of the current plan. You will be provided with a coupon that will help you extend the course through an online payment.
6. Do I get any support in finding the solutions to the quizzes?
No. For some quizzes such as Reasoning and English language tests specific solutions and methodologies are required. Our team is updating the solutions which will be available in the next phase. With your current membership you may not be able to access all the solutions.
7. What is the typical cost of course?
We have the most flexible membership plans and most competitive pricing. Each course has its own pricing. Please visit the site to get more details on the pricing.
8. How are these courses different from other online courses?
Many of the quizzes contained in these courses are taken from past papers. So they represent actual test taking. Moreover the prices are competitive and we have very flexible plans to suit all types of individuals.
9. Do you provide both online as well as offline sessions?
All courses are provided online through quizzes. Our plan is to add video lessons in the future. This will enable you to repeatedly watch the videos and keep retaking the tests until you feel confident in that subject. We don’t provide any classroom training.
10. Do I get any certificate on completing the Course on your platform?
We offer a course completion certificate at the end of completion if you achieve at least 70% score. By doing this we make sure that you have attained a high level of competency in these courses.
11. How do I find out if there are any course updates?
Once you enroll for a course you will get automatic notifications about any course updates.
12. Whom do I contact in case of any queries regarding any of the courses?
For any course-related information, please use the Contact Us link on the footer of the website to send an email to us.
13. Would I be able to participate with other students?
In every course you will have an opportunity to discuss your doubts with other students who have enrolled to the same course.
14. Do I need to finish the entire course in one sitting?
No. You can take the course to suit your own pace. During the membership period you can take as many as retakes as you wish until you achieve proficiency in that subject.
15. How do I know about any related job postings?
You can visit our website to access recently posted jobs in the Government Sector in India.
16. What is the schedule for online content if I opt for a course?
We value your time and understand the difficulties involved in attending classes at scheduled time slots. We also understand the difficulties involved in browsing through multitudes of Course book and tons of additional reading materials. Hence, none of our courses are time specific or dependent on book readings. Learning is at your disposal, so you can access the course content at your ease and pace.
17. Does the course fee include the certification fee as well?
The fee includes an online certificate which be available for download if you can achieve the minimum 70% score for that module.
18. Why are the Courses provided at affordable prices if it is delivered by top notch faculties?
Due to economies of scale we are able to offer the content at a low price.
19. What courses are available for free?
The free courses are clearly marked as free on the website.
20. Will my personal information be safe on the website?
Your details are secure with us as we do not share or sell any of your information to third party unless required for legal purpose. Further, the website is protected by SSL authentication. Link to our privacy policy is provided on the footer of our website.
21. Is there any discount available for education institutions?
Yes we do offer discounts on bulk registrations from Educational Institutions. Contact for details.
22. Would I be able to get discount if I enrol some of my friends?
Yes are able to offer good discounts on bulk student (5 or more) registrations. Contact for details.
23. Do you offer any placement support?
No, we do not offer any placement support. However we have the latest job postings on
24. I would like to join your portal as an instructor, what is the procedure?
If you have the right experience and credentials you can register yourself as an Instructor through a link provided on the footer of our website.
25. Can I provide my suggestions & feedback?
You are welcome to provide your valuable feedback and suggestions and can write to us at or use the Contact Us form. We highly appreciate any feedback and suggestions to make our portal more useful to our end users.
26. Can my Institution host a course on your platform to a selected set of participants?
Yes, we can provide you the facility to host your courses online. For more details, please contact our customer support team at
27. I have never taken an online course before, how difficult will it be to familiarize myself with the online format?
There are many courses that are offered free to registered users. The courses are user friendly and have an intuitive design. The free users will help users in getting familiar with the online courses.
28. Can I access your site on my mobile or tablet?
Yes. Our site is responsive and can be easily accessed from your mobile phone.
29. What are the expected time lines for new courses?
We are in the process of collaborating with experts in the teaching profession and will be adding new courses on a regular basis.

Registration and Login

1. How do I Enroll for a course?
To enroll for a course, you first need to register on our website. You may register using your email, your Google account or your Facebook account. After you register you can access the free courses, but you need to enroll to access the free courses. Registering process does not automatically enroll you to all the courses. Registration is simple and can take place instantly specially if you use the Google and Facebook accounts.
2. How long is my account Valid?
Once you register on the site, your account is valid for the life time.
3. How do I edit my details?
You can visit your profile page once you register to update other information.
4. Can I share my username and password for an online course with others?
To keep your account secure, we advise you not to share your username and password with others. Any misuse of the site by other users can put you to unnecessary risk.
5. Can I transfer my registration to other user?
For security purpose, it is recommended not to transfer your registration.
6. Can I have multiple accounts for each course?
We recommend you to use a single account for all courses.
7. How do I close or de-register my account?
To de-register or close your account, please send an email to You will be notified once your account is closed.
8. How can I retrieve a forgotten password?
Please click on ‘forgot password’ link to get the details of how to add a new password to your registered email account.
9. Can I share the password over phone to any of your customer support staff?
No, our customer support will not ask for this information. Please do not share the password over phone.
10. I did not receive the confirmation email. How can I confirm my account and log in?
Please check your spam account or check with your email service provider to ensure they are not blocking our emails. In case you still have a difficulty send us an email through Contact Us.

Secure Payments

1. How should I make the payment and what are the modes of payment available? Do I get a receipt or confirmation for the same?
BharatGovtJobs only accepts online payments through a secure platform. Online payments are made through our payment gateway partners who support multitudes of payment option including but not restricted to credit cards, debit cards including Net Banking.
2. Are my online transactions secure?
Yes. Our payment gateway partners are PAYFORT and PayPal. All transactions through the payment gateway use 128 bit encryption and are very secure.
3. How will I receive the payment receipt?
The invoice will be sent to your registered email account.
4. I have made the payment and the amount has been debited from my card, however I am unable to access the membership plan.
In case of any difficulties accessing your account, please write to us at and we will promptly respond to your query.