Physics – NEET Exams

Physics for NEET Exams

Medical aspirants to the MBBS and BDS course have to give the NEET Exams. Students find preparing for NEET Physics to be quite a challenge. NEET Physics preparation requires good understanding of theoretical concepts and practice of numerical problems associated with each concept. Our courses prepare you in both these areas. NEET physics exams contains questions from Class 11 and Class 12. Candidates must, therefore, focus on the syllabus of both Class 11 and Class 12 during the preparation of NEET Physics Exams. A total of 45 questions are included in the physics section of NEET which sums up to a total of 180 marks in the exam. Scoring good marks in NEET Physics is essential for better overall score. This course will preparing you for NEET physics exams by giving you a thorough understanding of all important concepts required to solve the numerical questions. The links to lessons and quizzes for each of the lessons are provided below. Get started to prepare for the NEET Physics Exams.